Dima Kandalaft talks about her mother’s childhood cruelty


The Syrian actress, Dima Kandalaft, spoke about her childhood, especially her mother’s cruelty with her in raising her.

Dima said during her stay as a guest on the “Honest with Ma” program accompanied by the Egyptian actor Hassan Al-Raddad, “My mother was very cruel in raising us … my father was the one who was soft, compassionate and affectionate for us more than she was .. The reason for that is that my mother grew up in a boarding school affiliated with us.” To the English, and they were very cruel to her, and some of them took that cruelty. That is why she was very cruel to us in many matters. “

Dima thanked her mother for her cruelty when she was young, and taught her a lot, and said: “I did not realize the importance of what she did to me until after 15 years.”

As for the actor Hassan Al-Raddad, he also spoke about his childhood, noting that punishment in his childhood was sometimes by depriving him from going out and playing on Thursday before the weekend, and although he remembers this punishment now as a simple thing, the deprivation of playing in childhood was the most important thing in life.


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