“Digital currencies such as Bitcoin are forbidden.” A member of the “Senior Scholars” in Saudi Arabia explains why


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Abdullah Al-Manea, a member of the Council of Senior Scholars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, said on Wednesday that dealing in digital currencies such as Bitcoin is “forbidden” and what he sees.

This was stated in an interview conducted by Immune On the Gulf Rotana channel, in response to a question about the ruling on dealing in these cryptocurrencies, where he said: “Never do you have the meaning of the octet, so I ask you now if I now have 10 million in it and I have not found someone to return to (whoever accepts it from me) what is the value This is 10 million? ”

He continued, saying: “Acceptance and exchange and what is related to it is a verified matter. You don’t know if something comes that invalidates all of this, so who does it refer to? It is not due to anyone and it is as long as it is not .. It is known that criticism must include 3 characteristics, the first to be The criterion for evaluating the second order is that it be a repository of wealth, and the third thing is that it is based on general acceptance of public release …

He added, “These three characteristics cannot be fulfilled without the presence of a party that guarantees them, either there is a state behind it or someone who guarantees it and is eligible for the guarantee, but now this Bitcoin issue now is behind it is someone behind it who is issuing it or on the grounds that he is a guarantor?” For its content, it is not there, and this is like a gambling hall, for it is a gambling, although it is not like obvious gambling, but it is considered to be consuming people’s money unlawfully and I think it is forbidden .. ”


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