Diab’s visit and the ministerial delegation to Iraq is due at the end of this April


Former MP Emile Rahma confirmed, in an interview with Al-Nashra, that “the visit of the caretaker prime minister, Hassan Diab, and the ministerial delegation to Iraq, is in place and will take place at the end of the current month of April,” indicating that “this information He confirmed it with his Iraqi and Lebanese friends. “

In response to a question, Rahma questioned the information about “the possibility that the prime minister-designate, Saad Hariri, Saudi Arabia, or any country, intervened to cancel the visit,” pointing out that “the postponement is due to the necessity of some ministries arranging their files.” Adding: “Iraq is Abe’s Iraq, and he is the author of his decision.”

Rahma stressed that “the prime minister, whoever he is, represents the Lebanese state,” stressing that “Diab wishes to form the upcoming government today before tomorrow, and that its president would go on this visit, because what matters to him are the results that will result from it.” Not that he performs it. “


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