Details of Asala’s marriage to Representative Ahmed Abdel-Majeed


News has spread over the past few hours about the actress, Asala’s marriage to an Alexandrian parliamentarian, who is a businessman.

During her participation in the celebration of the singer Hani Shaker, on the occasion of his son’s inauguration of a new project in the Fifth Settlement yesterday evening, Wednesday, in the presence of a number of art stars, led by Elham Shaheen, Samira Saeed, Hala Sidqi, Hani Ramzi and his wife, the journalist Bossi Shalaby and a number of other friends, Authenticity refused to comment On the news, whether positive or negative. While Asala denied the news of her marriage, close friends assured her that the news would not be announced in any way before Friday.

One of the sites confirmed that the star Asala had already married and celebrated her marriage during the last period, with a parliamentarian living in the Alexandria governorate, in the presence of a number of the two families and the complete secrecy of the media.

As for her husband, he is the Alexandrian MP Ahmed Abdel Majeed, the representative of the Raml Department in Alexandria Governorate, in the midst of secrecy on both sides, and the duo decided to announce this during a ceremony held in an Alexandria hotel tomorrow Friday, but it was postponed to another day, for the parliamentarian to take approval from the party because it is personal A sensitive politician and also a foreign artist.

MP Ahmed Abdul Majeed is married, younger than her, and holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship under the title (The Impact of Social Media Dealers on the Intent to Buy), for the year 2019 from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology approved by the Supreme Council of Universities on November 2019.

He also holds a master’s degree entitled (The negative political, economic and social effects of money laundering operations) in 2012 from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology approved by the Supreme Council of Universities, in addition to his obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alexandria Accounting Division in the year 2000. Abdul Majeed ran in the last parliamentary elections as a candidate. About the Future Party of the Nation, “the majority party.”

Asala’s marriage is her third, as she previously married Ayman al-Dhahabi and gave birth to her sons Sham and Khaled, and director Tariq al-Aryan, from whom she separated and had two children, Adam and Ali Al-Aryan.


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