Despite its benefits, a vitamin may put your life at risk


And protects Vitamin E The body cells of the free radicals are carrier For diseasesThey are free electrons orbiting in the space of the atom or molecule shell, which contribute to the binding of atoms together, where they are attracted to each other and attract the atoms as well.

When oxygen molecules split, they become singular, and in turn turn into unstable free radicals, searching for themselves for other molecules to bond with them, and this process is called By oxidative stressThus, there is more damage to the cells.

The vitamin also helps boost metabolism and improve the immune system, according to the “Health Digest” medical site.

An adult person needs 15 milligrams of vitamin “E” daily, knowing that it is found in a variety of foods Foods, Including nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils such as olive oil.

But due to the inability to store vitamin “E” in the body for later use, consuming more of it may lead to what is known as “vitamin E poisoning.”

Vitamin E poisoning

Vitamin “E” is fat-soluble, which causes it to accumulate in the form of fats in the body over time, and to eat large quantities of it.

Vitamin toxicity can interfere with blood clotting and increase the risk of infection With a stroke Hemorrhagic.

To treat this state of poisoning, you should immediately stop taking vitamin doses, and rely only on a balanced diet.

If you experience severe symptoms of toxicity, contact your doctor immediately.


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