Deficiency of this vitamin puts your heart at risk!


A recent study from Saudi Arabia revealed that deficiency of a certain vitamin is associated with heart problems.

Researchers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia conducted a study on 360 heart patients, and published their results last December, in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine, which showed that more than 40% of the participants suffer from vitamin D deficiency, and about 28% have self-deficiency. Vitamin, while only 31% of patients had normal levels of vitamin “D.”

After adjusting for other factors, the researchers concluded that vitamin D deficiency and deficiency are associated with ischemic heart disease, high blood sugar, and hyperlipidemia, as well as that heart patients are twice as likely to have vitamin D deficiency.

In the Saudi study, researchers also found that women with heart disease over the age of sixty are more likely to have vitamin D deficiency.

The body usually produces vitamin “D” on its own through exposure to sunlight, but there are some factors that can lead to low levels. According to experts at Johns Hopkins University, obesity is a major risk factor for low levels of vitamin “D” because fat cells They absorb this vitamin and prevent it from circulating in the bloodstream.

Women and dark-skinned people also tend to have lower levels of vitamin “D”, as do older individuals because they absorb less of the vitamin from their diet and produce less of it in their skin.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, if you suffer from a vitamin “D” deficiency, you may suffer from fatigue, bone pain, mood changes, muscle weakness, muscle pain or cramps.

But a study published in the journal “Gamma Cardiology”, in 2019, warns that unless you have a deficiency in vitamin “D”, there is no need to supply your body with it, as it confirmed that consuming large amounts of vitamin supplements can cause health problems in itself. According to “Sputnik.”


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