Decree 6433 … A meeting between the army and the works today, and this file is new


Al-Akhbar wrote: Since the caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s office announced an agreement with the concerned ministers to sign an amendment to Decree 6433, to correct the maritime borders to the south, by adding 1,430 square kilometers to the Lebanese region, south of what is known as the “disputed area”, no The attack stops and the pressure on the Minister of Public Works and Transport, Michel Najjar, took a few days to sign. The last, he asked for a deadline “to return to the Land and Maritime Transport Directorate of his ministry,” as he said, for “technical reasons related to some clarifications,” noting that the issue is political and is related to the position of his political authority, that is, Suleiman Franjieh, head of the Marada movement.

Ain al-Tineh committed itself to a position that does not oppose the signing of the decree. This is through the response of sources in the Parliamentary Development and Liberation Bloc explaining that “the framework agreement announced by Speaker Berri has drawn up the general rules for negotiating the demarcation of the Lebanese borders, especially the maritime borders with occupied Palestine without ever entering into the issue of determining the geographical area that is to be negotiated (no The area of ​​860 km2, not the area of ​​2,200 km2) and this talk was communicated by the Lebanese negotiating delegation directly and frankly from President Nabih Berri before the delegation went to the first round of negotiations in Naqoura. The sources added that “no position was issued by the Development and Liberation Bloc, its head, or any of its members, and no position was issued by the Amal Movement or its leaders that they were against signing the new decree. On the contrary, when Speaker Berri was reviewed on this matter, it was His words are clear that this whole issue is in the custody of the executive authority, and specifically with the President of the Republic. President Nabih Berri answered his auditors at the time by saying: “Let each one of his position exercise his powers in this field.”

What was stated by the sources is confirmed by the discussions that take place in the political scenes; Sources concerned with the file pointed out that this was heard by former minister Youssef Fenianos, who recently visited Ain al-Tineh to feel the pulse, and the answer was the same: “This is the responsibility of the executive authority, and it is the one who takes the decision in this regard.” Fenianos also informs that “Ain al-Tania played its role previously, when the file was in its custody, and that the prime minister and the concerned ministers should take the position that they see fit”. In addition, the consultations were not held only with Ain al-Tineh. Indeed, the discussion in this file was also opened with Hezbollah, which reiterated the position of Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, that “the matter is the responsibility of the Lebanese state and within its constitutional mechanisms.”Accordingly, this means that the file awaits the position of the Minister of Works, who close to him say that “he will not do anything contrary to the national interest, but at the same time he will not violate the law until no one comes after that and accuses him of committing violations.” In this context, Al-Akhbar learned that “it was agreed that a delegation from the Lebanese Army would hold a session with the Transport Directorate at the Ministry of Works today, to explain all the reasons and the new coordinates requiring the amendment, especially since the directorate was the one who had previously prepared the decree to be amended, Today it does not have the coordinates that the army suggests. The directorate will submit its report to Minister Najjar tomorrow afternoon. ” Will a carpenter sign it?


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