Days after their phone numbers were revealed … a new data leak scandal is angering Facebook users


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Facebook appears to be facing a new privacy issue that is angering its users around the world.

Less than 20 days after the phone numbers of half a billion people were leaked, the social media giant is suffering from a new security flaw that has led to the exposure of millions of email addresses for user accounts.

According to the “india news republic” website, two security researchers were able to find the new “Facebook” vulnerability by purchasing 200 fake Facebook accounts for a pittance.

The researchers then entered cookies for a tool called Facebook Email Search v1.0 that links Facebook accounts to the email addresses associated with them, and the researchers found that even if users choose not to share the email ID of their accounts with others, the tool will be able to access it via the identifier that It was leaked.

In addition, the Facebook Email Search v1.0 tool was able to launch a large number of searches for up to 5 million accounts per day, but provided it with a list of 65,000 addresses only to prove the existence of the vulnerability, after the company “Facebook” denied its existence when the researcher told it about the vulnerability. The social media giant also believes the problem is “not important enough” to be fixed.

“The company appreciates the researcher’s sharing of information and we are taking initial measures to alleviate this problem while we continue to better understand the findings of the researcher,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

A spokeswoman for the American company claimed that “Facebook” closed the bug bonus report for this vulnerability “by mistake before directing it to the appropriate team,” and confirmed that the company is taking initial steps to correct what has been reported, but it is not currently known whether the error was used .

It is noteworthy that the “Facebook” company was affected by a technical loophole that led to the disclosure of the phone numbers of more than 500 million users of the site during the past month, including the phone number of its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

Source: Agencies


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