Daimler is looking for programmers to develop electric cars


The German magazine “Automobil-Vuhe” revealed, today, Sunday, that the German car manufacturer “Daimler” will provide a thousand new jobs for programmers in its facilities to produce the “C” car, in order to work on the electric car operating system it intends.

This comes within the framework of a broader program to employ 3 thousand programmers around the world, with the aim of strengthening software development centers in the company’s main sites, including Berlin, Seattle and Beijing, according to the weekly magazine.

Daimler is expected to introduce the operating system for electric cars to the market by 2024, as it seeks to compete with “Tesla” and counter the infiltration of Silicon Valley companies into the auto industry.

“With this system, Mercedes-Benz controls all aspects related to the car and hence the user interfaces,” the magazine quoted Sajjad Khan, technology director at the company’s “Mercedes” division, as saying.


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