Daimler introduces an electric Mercedes next week


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Daimler introduces the electric Mercedes next week. Sunday, April 11, 2021 07:11 PM

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The executive director of the German automobile giant Daimler, Ola Kallinius, said that its new electric car for its famous Mercedes brand will generate “reasonable” returns from the start, as the car is equipped with the latest technology. In an interview with the German newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, Kalinius said that the “Mercedes EQS”, which will be launched this week, will achieve attractive profits, but it is less than the revenues of its sister who works with the fuel combustion engine “S Class”, due to the costs The elevated components of the electric vehicle.According to Bloomberg News, Kalinius said, “The logic remains the same. The higher sector promises better profit margins.”

Bloomberg said that the “Mercedes EQS” will be the first car to be produced with supports dedicated to electric cars, which is a milestone for the German brand, which has been criticized for taking too long to start producing electric cars.

According to Calinius, the car will have a mileage of 770 kilometers (478 miles), putting it at the forefront of the electric car race.

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