“Covid-19” causes 3 million victims, and the vaccination process includes 863 million people


It has become established that the number of deaths due to “Covid-19” has exceeded or will exceed, today, Saturday, the threshold of three million in the world since the emergence of the Corona virus in late 2019, at a time when the race continues to vaccinate the largest number of people possible.

According to figures compiled by the French Press Agency from official sources, at least two million 987,891 people have died since the WHO office in China reported the emergence of this disease in late December 2019, while the reliable Worldmeter website confirms that the number Fiat amounted to 3 million and 12 thousand and 991.

These numbers may only reflect a fraction of the actual total, as they are based on daily reports issued by health authorities in each country and exclude subsequent reviews by statistical agencies.

And vaccination campaigns at the global level recorded the injection of nearly 863 million doses, according to a count conducted by the French Press Agency as of Friday.

Vaccination campaigns, which are the main weapon in fighting the epidemic, are suffering from setbacks for the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines, as well as from an increase in the mutant versions most capable of infection.

Chile, one of the most developed countries in the world in terms of vaccination, published a study showing that the Chinese Coronavac vaccine has proven effective by 67 percent in preventing symptoms of Covid-19 and eighty percent in preventing death.

In parallel, the US administration announced that it intends to invest $ 1.7 billion to improve the ability to understand the Corona virus sequence and detect genetic changes.

There is a reluctance between imposing additional restrictions to curb the spread of the epidemic by limiting human contact, and easing restrictions to support the economy and calm waves of discontent among the population. In India, which may become the epicenter of the epidemic, a strict lockdown at the weekend will take effect today. In Colombia, a weekend lockdown is in effect in four cities.

Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, is tightening restrictions to curb the spread of the epidemic and closing borders to unnecessary travel, according to Prime Minister Doug Ford. On Friday, the province, which has a population of 14 million, recorded 4,812 new cases of Covid-19, in a record number since the start of the outbreak, in addition to 25 deaths.

On the other hand, other countries are easing restrictions. Thanks to the control of the epidemiological situation, Denmark will be able to accelerate the reopening from April 21. Audiences will be permitted in sports stadiums and customers in restaurants.

Italy is supposed to reopen restaurants and schools from Monday, April 26. In France, a government spokesman confirmed that “starting around mid-May, we will be able to start the reopening,” noting that the conquest means “some outside courtyards and some cultural centers.”

In Brazil, the state government of São Paulo announced Friday to reopen shops and allow religious rites to be held in the presence of the faithful from Sunday, although the daily death toll from Covid-19 remains high across the country.

This state of 46 million people, which is the most populous, will enter a transitional phase, preparing to reopen restaurants, beauty salons, cinemas and theaters from April 24th.


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