Coronavirus in India: Patients struggle at home as hospitals become overcrowded


  • فيكاس بندی
  • BBC News – Delhi

A patient wears a mask while waiting to be admitted to a hospital.

Photo released, Getty Images

Most hospitals in Delhi and many other cities in India have run out of beds, forcing people to find ways to get treatment for the sick at home. But even that is a difficult task with the high prices of oxygen cylinders, capacitors and basic medicines on the black market.

Here are some of the stories I learned about.

Find an oxygen cylinder

Ancho Priya spent most of her Sundays looking for an oxygen cylinder as her fever continued to worsen. She did not find any beds in a hospital in Delhi or the suburb of Noida. Her search for an oxygen cylinder in the stores did not succeed, so she was forced to turn to the black market.

Ancho Priya paid a whopping 50,000 rupees ($ 670) to buy a black market cylinder, which in normal times costs just 6,000 rupees.


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