Corona .. The Health Organization considers the requirement of a vaccination certificate in order to travel to consecrate inequality


The WHO Emergency Committee recommended that proof of vaccination should not be a condition for international travel, confirming its position on this issue, which is witnessing a growing controversy.

The Committee encouraged the countries of the world to recognize that requiring a vaccination certificate as a condition of travel is something that perpetuates inequality and increases inequality among people in freedom of movement.

And independent experts indicated – in a statement issued after the meeting last Thursday – to the limited evidence regarding whether vaccination against Covid-19 reduces the ability to transmit the virus.

Epidemic developments

In the developments of the epidemic, the United States has allowed all residents, starting today, Monday, to receive the vaccine against the Coronavirus after more than half of the adults in the country received the vaccine, at a time when several countries in Europe are preparing to ease health restrictions, while the number of daily infections with “Covid-19” has jumped. ″ In India to a record high with the collapse of the country’s health system.

The vaccination campaign continues in the United States very quickly despite the suspension of the use of the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine last Tuesday, after the discovery of 6 cases of women who had serious blood clots, one of whom died.

About 50.4% of Americans over the age of 18 years were able to receive at least one dose of the vaccine, and 32.5% received the two doses, especially for adults over the age of 65, according to what was announced Sunday by the Federal Public Health Agency in the country.

In total, at least one dose has been given to more than 131.2 million people, and the authorities intend to allow, as of Monday, all citizens to receive the vaccine.

The suspension of the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will not affect the pace of the campaign, as it represents only a small portion of the vaccines used.

Last Tuesday, US President Joe Biden confirmed that “there will be enough vaccines for every American. This matter is indisputable.”

Preparations to ease restrictions

On the other hand, the situation is still more fragile in Europe, so that some countries, which are under great pressure due to public anger over the imposed measures, are preparing to ease some health restrictions.

This will happen this week, to varying degrees, in Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia, Slovakia, Monaco, Portugal and Denmark.

The Netherlands and France intend to reopen their outdoor café patios at a later time This April and mid-May, respectively.

In the Vatican, Pope Francesco appeared again from the window of the Apostolic Palace in Saint Peter’s Square to hold the weekly prayer on Sunday after he had been holding it online for weeks.

But in Germany – where a national honor was held yesterday for the 80,000 “Covid-19” victims in this country – the response to the crisis raises severe political tension.

The Pope of the Vatican looked out again from his window to hold the weekly prayer yesterday, Sunday, after he had been holding it on the Internet for weeks (European)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is taking a strict line, angering regional presidents, including those from her party.

Merkel warned that “the virus does not tolerate half measures, as they only exacerbate it.”

Last weekend, thousands of “anti-masks” protested, ignoring calls for unity in several cities in the country, and the police made some arrests.

“I will scream, kiss and be happy.”

Today, Monday, a new measure came into effect that allows Australian and New Zealand citizens to travel without quarantine between the two countries that record good data for the epidemic, and family members who have been separated by the crisis for months have been eager to meet again.

“I’m going to scream, cry, kiss and be happy, all these feelings at once,” said Denise O’Donnogue, before boarding the plane at Sydney Airport.

For a year, the two countries have talked about this measure, but the start of its implementation has been postponed several times due to the emergence of new epicenters of the epidemic each time in one of the countries.

New Zealand is counting on this initiative to save the winter sports season, which will start very soon.

Air New Zealand plans to increase the number of its flights to Australia from 4 flights per week to 20.

Several countries in the Asia-Pacific region are working on similar projects, and Taiwan and the Palau archipelago in the Pacific Ocean began implementing similar measures early this month, hoping to support the tourism sector in the two countries severely affected by the epidemic.

A record in India

In India, the number of daily cases of “Covid-19” jumped to a record high of 273,810 cases today, Monday, with the collapse of the health system under the weight of an increase in the number of patients, which made the total number of injuries closer to that of the United States, the most affected country in the world.

India’s health sector is facing a collapse under the weight of increasing numbers of people infected with Coronavirus (Getty Images)

India’s hospitals are suffering from a shortage of beds and oxygen supplies, with the total number of injuries exceeding 15 million, ranking second after the United States.

The number of deaths in the country as a result of “Covid-19” also rose to a record number of 1619, bringing the total to 178,769 cases.

Despite the high number of casualties, politicians continued to march around the country in preparation for the provincial elections.

Without masks

Although the death toll is still high in Brazil, and a mutated version of the virus is more deadly than the original virus, Rio de Janeiro reopened bars and restaurants in early April, and is preparing to open beaches today, Monday.

In total, the epidemic has claimed the lives of more than 373,000 people in a little more than a year in Brazil, which has a population of 212 million, while experts believe that the actual numbers are much higher.

In Canada, the government will deploy reinforcements in Ontario, the country’s most populous province, to help it cope with a violent wave of infections.

As for Israel – where nearly 5 million people (53% of the population) received two doses of the vaccine, residents are now allowed, as of Sunday, not to put masks on the street, in an indication of an “initial” victory over the Corona virus in the country, but the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that “we are not done with the Coronavirus, because it can come back.”

The epidemic has killed 3 million 11 thousand and 975 people in the world, according to a census prepared by the French News Agency based on official sources until Sunday evening.


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