Corona suffocates the health system in India


Yesterday, the Indian capital, New Delhi, announced a general lockdown for six days after daily coronavirus infections across the country reached a record, causing the health system to strangle and push it to collapse.

Indian doctors said that hospitals are suffering from a dire shortage of beds, oxygen supplies, and basic medicines, as the total number of injuries in the country exceeded 15 million, ranking India second in the world after the United States.

“The health care system in New Delhi is unable to accommodate more patients,” said New Delhi Governor Arvind Kejriwal yesterday. If a general isolation is not implemented now, the situation will get out of control. ” The daily incidence of “Covid-19” in India jumped to a record high of 273810 yesterday, and the number of deaths also rose to a record high of 1619, bringing the total to about 179 thousand.

And British Health Minister Matt Hancock announced that India has been added to the “red list” of countries from which those coming from must undergo quarantine in Britain. Also, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson canceled his planned visit to India due to the epidemiological situation there.

In addition, the head of the German “Robert Koch” institute for disease control, Lothar Feller, said yesterday that “humanity must adapt to always living with (Corona) because it will remain with us.”

Feller added, on the occasion of the 127th conference of the German Society of Internal Medicine in Stuttgart, that “the virus that can infect a large number of animal species cannot be eradicated.”
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