Corona: 5 oral symptoms of Covid-19 that must be looked for


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Monday, April 12, 2021

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Loss of smell and taste can be one of the most common symptoms of the coronavirus, and it can take weeks to fully recover, according to studies, this sign has been reported in more than 60% of cases of corona.

However, this may not be the only way that SARS-COV-2 affects and changes your taste buds, with research and case studies being constantly presented, we are only starting to learn the many ways the virus causes the virus to destroy the human body and weaken the vital senses. Also, according to the timesofindia website.

Can Covid disease cause you to have stomatitis?

While the results are still ongoing, experts now suggest that the manifestations of Covid infection could persist beyond the basic respiratory signs.

Here’s what the studies found

According to a new study conducted by the National Institute of Health of India, which was published in the scientific journal Nature Medicine, nearly half of Corona victims experience oral symptoms during infection.

With only the classic signs clearly visible, experts now suggest that many of these oral symptoms, which may appear days before other signs appear, may go unnoticed.

What is feeding the spread of oral coronavirus symptoms?

Most symptomatic infections occur when the virus begins to multiply and attack our organs, although there is no current evidence to suggest that the Corona virus infects or multiplies directly along the cavities and tissues of the mouth, but some believe that the reason behind the spread is the patterns through which it spreads. Basically COVID – coughing, talking, or just breathing.

As noted by the National Institutes of Health study in India, oral symptoms related to the disease can also appear in asymptomatic cases, or mild cases, where no other signs of infection appear.

Scientists now feel that the presence of the virus in the cavities and tissues of the mouth contributes to a greater transmission role for corona. It could also add to the evidence that people who do not have symptoms, that is, people who do not have symptoms, are still able to increase the spread of the disease significantly through patterns Like talking or breathing when they open their mouths.

While the oral manifestations of corona require a lot of research, here are some symptoms that experts feel may affect the patient in the first days, regardless of loss of taste.

Dry mouth

Dry mouth syndrome is usually associated with a lot of viral infections and autoimmune disorders and now, Covid-19 too.

Basically, the experience of dry mouth means that the mouth is going through a difficult time producing saliva, which keeps the mouth moist, aids digestion, and most importantly, it protects the mouth from harmful bacteria and other pathogens.

A dry mouth can make you feel dry or sticky in the mouth. It also makes saliva thicker. Bad breath is sometimes a common sign of a dry mouth.

It can also cause difficulties in chewing food and speaking and make you feel a stiff and burning sensation in the roof of your mouth, unusual symptoms like these, at the moment, you need to check up once.


When you go through a viral infection like Corona, one of the typical sensations you can experience is widespread inflammation. When the virus attacks muscle fibers and the linings of organs, this inflammation can appear as lesions, painful bumps, including areas of the tongue and gums.

For some people, a viral infection can appear in the mouth in the form of sores, irritations, and allergies, although there is no proven way to combat these pests, suffering from painful bumps may prevent you from eating and avoid some food.

Tongue Covid

The COVID tongue is a much-discussed viral symptom at the moment, although there is no specific cause we know now for what causes it, a virus like SARS-COV-2 can definitely affect your tongue, firstly, according to several case studies, Exposure to the tongue of Covid can be very strenuous, patients also experience a burning sensation and inflammation on the surface of the tongue.

Some doctors also agree that tongue sensation could be related to the rash that has become associated with COVID-19.

Changes in tongue color / feel

Another way that Corona can affect oral cavities, and in particular, the tongue, is by changing the color and texture of the tongue.

Mouth irritation, swelling, and proliferation near the oral cavities can make your tongue feel strange, it can also cause irritation in the mouth, your lips, tingling of the tongue, or feel much more irritation than it normally should be It can also cause the discolouration that You will get used to seeing him.

For example, unlike a normal, healthy pink tongue, unusual redness, white spots, or a dark colored tongue may be observed when the virus is infected.

Do not ignore any symptoms

Remember that changes in the mouth and tongue are not accurate symptoms of corona at this time, and they may not affect everyone, however, with the changing behavior of the virus and the rise in cases, any sudden and unusual symptoms deserve examination.

If you experience unusual changes or experience other symptoms of Covid, consider getting tested as soon as possible, isolate yourself as needed and get help.


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