Controversial video … Halima Boland is free, giving her gifts for her promotion at work!


Kuwaiti media, Halima Boland, caused a stir on social networking sites because of a video she posted on her own account on the “Snapchat” application, in which her daughters Maryam and Camelia appeared carrying bags under the name of a luxury chocolate brand.

It turned out that the two girls intended to present her as a gift and that they brought her two congratulatory cards, and Halima’s voice was heard asking them about the reason, so they indicated that their father was the one who prepared the surprise because she had made progress at work… Poland attached the video with the comment: “Of course they say congratulations and they don’t know what the aforementioned. Their father told them it became better at work, meaning promotion. “The video aroused the interest of many followers on the accounts that re-posted it on the application of photos and videos “Instagram”, and one of them achieved more than 169,000 views.

It is noteworthy that Halima had been subjected to a wave of criticism and was accused of displaying the fortune because of a video in which she showed her receiving a gift from a camel group after the court announced the lifting of the reservation on her money.

Later, she showed luxury gifts that she intends to present to her relatives and friends for the occasion of the Girgean.

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