Controversial snapshot .. Is this the moment Queen Elizabeth cries in front of people for the death of her husband? (photo)


Immediately after the announcement of the death of Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, a picture spread on social media platforms, which its promoters claim is for a moment the Queen of Britain cries to leave her husband.

The picture shows the queen wearing black and tears streaming from her eyes, and the owner of various comments such as “The tears of kings come when the wound is very deep, Queen Elizabeth cries ten 70 years.”

In another comment on the image that has spread widely during the past two days, it was stated: “Tears are the silent language of grief for the kings, the rich and the poor. The Queen of Great Britain cries for the first time in front of the media in grief over the loss of her husband.” But in fact, this photo has nothing to do with the death of Prince Philip.By research, it was found that the photo was taken in November 2002, in the Memorial Park in Westminster, London, during the annual tribute to the British soldiers who were killed in the war, according to what was confirmed by the “Telegraph” newspaper.

Source: Sputnik


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