Color Binoculars is a new app from Microsoft to help people with color blindness



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Color Binoculars is a new app from Microsoft that helps people with color blindness distinguish colors in their everyday life.

The application relies on the iPhone’s camera to adjust the colors in real time, as the difficult-to-distinguish color groups are replaced by other appropriate and easy colors, for example, people who do not distinguish between green and red can replace the red color with pink so that the patient can distinguish between the two colors.

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People with this disease can benefit from the application during their various activities, such as choosing flowers on some occasions or when choosing clothes, etc., as it supports the three most common cases of the disease, which is red, green, and the inability to distinguish between yellow and blue.

The application was developed by two software engineers within Microsoft, one of whom has this disease, as part of the Garage Project, through which applications for Android and iOS are released.

It is noteworthy that the Color Binoculars app is available for free on the App Store.

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