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A medical journal has withdrawn scientific research claiming that smokers are 23% less likely to contract corona than non-smokers, according to a newspaper.The Guardian” British.

In details, the journal’s decision came after discovering that some of the research authors had received bribes from companies in the tobacco industry.

The World Health Organization had warned that because smoking impairs lung function, there is an increased risk of severe symptoms if smokers contract Corona.

But the research, published last July by the European Journal of Respiratory System, claimed that “smoking was not associated with adverse effects” in people with corona who were admitted to hospital.

The authors of the research claimed that smokers were less likely to contract the virus, and the magazine was quoted by several media outlets.

The magazine pointed out that “Jose Meyer”, one of the authors, provides advice to companies in the field of the tobacco industry, and “Constantinos Pulas” is working with “No Smoke” Greek, which develops vaping products.

The newspaper reported that Mayer, Pollas and the co-authors had chosen “nothing” in their response to “conflict of interest,” and therefore their choice was a lie.

The lead author of the paper, Konstantinos Varsalinos, said that the conflict of interest “has nothing to do with the main objectives of the study”.

“I suggested publishing the complete set of data and statistics publicly, so that all results could be independently verified, but the editors refused.”

The director of the Australian “Kuwait Victoria” organization, Sarah White, said that withdrawing the research was “a correct step, and any research in general should be supported by data.”

She added that there is no strong evidence to support the claim that smokers were less likely to contract corona or to suffer from its effects.

An analysis of “BMJ” magazine indicated that there are many “biases and cognitive gaps” that may give a false impression that smoking protects against the Corona virus.


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