Chromebook .. a fast computer with special specifications


A Chrombook is a personal computer that runs the Google Chrome OS, not Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac.

These devices are designed to be used while connected to the Internet and support web-based applications, in place of traditional applications such as Microsoft Office and Photoshop on the device itself.

Accordingly, Chromebooks are not powerful laptops per se, but rather devices that allow fast access to the web and Google services on the Internet; Almost everything is done in the browser and saved to Google Drive in the network.

Fast start-up

Stefan Bortek of the computer magazine “c’t” explained that the Chromebook has the advantage of fast start-up; This is done within 6 to 8 seconds, with the ability to follow all functions of the Android smartphone. Photos, calendar entries, calls and messages can be edited on both devices. The devices also transmit passwords to online services and WLANs via their Google account.

A strength and weakness point

The strength of Chromebooks also lies in what some experts see as its weakness, which is simplicity. The system is very closed; It is limited to the Chrome Web Store and Google Play Store. In any case, all Android applications are well prepared for this type of device.

This is why a Chromebook user often wonders whether there is an application or am I using the web version of the service? The last option is usually the best, even with some Google services, whose applications do not work well on Chromebook. The user should be aware that without an Internet connection, the devices can only be used in a limited range.

A specific group of users

For her part, technical expert Malini Powell believes that Chrome Boom devices offer clear advantages for a specific group of users. Since not all users need a lot of computing power all the time, so they get the benefits of ease of use, lower costs of hardware, software, and security.

The Chromebook is especially suitable for students, pupils, the elderly and people who have a limited budget; As it is available at an affordable cost and provides the basic services that the user needs, such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, emails, and image editing, and the Google Stadia game streaming service is available for Chromebook devices.

The range of Chromebook products varies, for example, from the Asus C223 with a 12-inch HD screen, to models such as the Lenovo Thinkpad C13 Yoga Chromebook with a Full HD screen with a 360-degree hinge, touch screen and keyboard.

In the end, Chromebooks suit everyone who lives in the world of Google with a smartphone running the Android system, with no problems doing a lot of work on the browser and some specific applications, and it does not suit everyone who wants to decide for himself what will be installed on the computer By himself, and not being satisfied with the standard settings, and not saving personal data and documents on Google.

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