Chrome 90 adds an important feature for students and co-workers


Scientist – Science and Technology

For example, if you want to direct people to a part of the “Wikipedia” page about penguins that talks about not being afraid of humans, then all you have to do is highlight this section, click with the right mouse button, then choose “Copy link to highlight” Then you can send this highlighted link, and after the addressee clicks on the link and loads the page, it will be moved to that specific part of the text..

And in order for the link that is created from any random text to be correct, there must be a hashtag (#) at the end, according to the site “9to5google”.

And the “Google” launched this feature last year, but after it became an official part of “Chrome” itself, users will not have to install anything additional to use it anymore..

This feature may be very useful for students and colleagues who work together, or even for anyone who likes to share random things with friends..

I have already started this feature in accessing the desktop version of “Chrome 90” and “Android” phones, but it has not yet been introduced, even after the upgrade to “Chrome 90”, as for users of “iOS” devices (iPhone and iPad), Google says that the feature will be available for the platform soon.


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