China reveals its plans to explore the moon


China reveals its plans to explore the moon

Sputnik Anton denisov

Chinese media have published information related to the country’s space missions dedicated to exploring and studying the surface of the Moon.

In an interview with the Chinese newspaper Beijing Daily, Hu Hao, a space expert and chief designer overseeing the Chinese lunar exploration program, said: “The China Lunar Exploration and Space Center plans to launch its new mission to study the moon in 2024.”

“The Chang’e-6 spacecraft, which will be launched as part of the aforementioned mission, is supposed to be sent into space in 2024, and work is also underway on other projects to launch the Chang’e-7 and Chang’e-8 spacecraft,” he added.

The expert pointed out that “China will work on several directions to study and explore the moon simultaneously, and is working on the issue of establishing an international base on the surface of the Moon on which the CNSA has signed joint cooperation agreements with the Russian Cosmos Foundation.”

The State Council of the People’s Republic of China approved a national project for moon exploration in 2004, and three years later, the Chinese Chang’e-1 spacecraft, which was able to photograph the orbit of the moon, launched, and in the years 2010, 1013 and 2019, within the aforementioned project, 3 other vehicles were launched for this purpose.

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On November 24, China launched the Chang’e-5 spacecraft to the surface of the moon, which returned to Earth 23 days after its launch, carrying about two kilograms of soil and rock samples from there so that experts could study the samples in preparation for establishing a base on the surface of the moon.

Source: Vesti


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