Chelsea and Manchester City prepare to withdraw from the European Super League


A British press report confirmed today, Tuesday, that Chelsea will request to withdraw from the European Super League.

European football is in a state of division, after 12 elite clubs in England, Spain and Italy announced their intention to start a new tournament consisting of 20 teams, with 15 fixed teams in addition to 5 changing teams each season.

According to Sky Sports, Chelsea are preparing to withdraw from the Super League.

The network indicated that Chelsea is now preparing the documents to officially withdraw from the separatist European Super League.

For its part, the “Daily Telegraph” newspaper confirmed that, after Chelsea prepared to withdraw from the Super League, new news has now emerged that Manchester City also intends not to continue in the European Super League.

It is noteworthy that Manchester City fans went to the Etihad Stadium today and attacked the club’s management for participating in establishing a new continental tournament.


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