Check Malek … secrets and scenes in the last hours before the “King” was arrested


Mohammed Al-Shamaa

The ado that was raised about the series «The king», Which embodies one of the ancient Egyptian heroics of King” Ahmose “, who chased the Hyksos, was strong and remarkable.

Some considered it real, stemming from the Egyptians ’fear for their honorable history, and some considered it too unfair, as many emphasized the lack of professionalism in criticizing the series only from the teaser, that is, before watching it.

The criticism focused on the beard of Amr Youssef, who plays “Ahmose” in the series, in addition to the costumes of the stars who appeared in the “promo”, as some asserted that it did not fit the era.

And soon, a decision was issued by the producing company, United Media Services, to stop the series, or to suspend it until a committee of specialists was formed and opinion was expressed, a decision that caused an earthquake in the artistic and creative milieu.

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In the following lines, an attempt to uncover the truth of what happened, the secrets and scenes of the suspension, as well as the opinion of the creators in the decision, which is an opinion that witnessed a sharp division, such as the division with which it was also met with criticism.

The United Company for Media Services announced the suspension of the series “The King” and the formation of an urgent committee of a group of specialists in history, archeology and sociology in order to watch the series, review the scenario in full, and express an objective and professional opinion even if this results in not showing it next Ramadan.

The cessation of filming the series, which was to be starred by Amr Youssef, came after the great controversy that arose around him because of “the many mistakes that were made in it, whether at the level of historical events and details, or the costumes and clothes that belong to this period of time”, after the promotional promo of the series was launched.

And the series “King Ahmose” starring Amr Youssef, Majid Al-Masry, Saba Mubarak, Reem Mostafa, Mohamed Lotfi, and others, and the scenario and dialogue of Muhammad, Khaled and Sherine Diab, directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi, and produced by the company “Synergy”. The series is also based on the novel “Good Struggle.” »By the writer Naguib Mahfouz, and the novel revolves around King Ahmose and his expulsion of the Hyksos.

Hossam Saleh, CEO of the United Group for Media Services, said that the series “The King” is currently under study.

“Some confusion arose, and of course the producing company has an opinion that the drama does not embody history, nor does it date, but rather expresses the feelings present in this period … and this work in particular is being reviewed at the present time,” Saleh added.

The series was widely criticized after the official teaser was launched, as some followers accused the series makers of not paying attention to the details of the series, and going deep into the features of the time period it deals with.

Among the most prominent criticism is the appearance of the hero Amr Mostafa with a long beard, as researchers in Pharaonic history agree that the kings were without a beard like the common people, and Reem Mustafa’s fashion was also criticized, on the pretext that it did not fit the Pharaonic era.

The attack campaign against the series “The King” by the late director Shadi Abdel Salam brought back the memory of viewers, as many praised his works that he presented on the Pharaonic era, such as the movie “The Mummy” starring Ahmed Marei and Nadia Lotfi, and said that he was very careful about the details of this era, such as the costumes and decorations.

Sources inside the United Company confirmed to «Al-Akhbar Al-Masai» that there are two points of view that have been discussed within the company. The first is to stop work until a scientific committee is formed to review the errors contained in the script and as it was actually filmed. The second opinion was a lack of respect for the attack of the teaser promo and an emphasis on Lack of professionalism to criticize an act of mere advertisement, waiting completely until the series is shown, then criticizing it, so that some have already come out to confirm about Amr Youssef’s beard that “it is normal for Ahmose to appear with a beard, because until the penultimate episode, he is just a normal person from the common people and not a king ».

While Mounia went out, opening the door, the fashion designer of the series, to respond to the criticism, saying, “The work is a drama of the first degree and not a history of the rule of Egypt in that era. We are not committed to the life story of King Ahmose at all, but it is a different drama consisting of 30 episodes. For Egypt and the expulsion of the Hyksos, in a dramatic form, and there is no documentary chronicling that era and its events ».

Regarding the criticisms that the series’ promo received due to the appearance of Reem Mustafa wearing a black cloak in this historical era, Mounia said, “First, the character of Reem Mustafa belongs to the Hyksos within the events of the series, and references for the clothes of that era, especially related to Hyksos, were very few, and we used information engraved on two murals They only mentioned these clothes, and for the flag, Reem’s costume is not a cloak, but a black pharaonic costume, and this is proven according to the historical reference responsible for the series, but there is also the director’s vision that imposes itself of course on the image and the text.

The designer of the King’s series rejected the criticisms that the work received early before its presentation, noting that international films related to that historical era, such as “Cleopatra”, did not receive such criticism, but rather received many praises, despite containing similar errors in clothes.

The response of Monia and some of the workers in the illogical series angered the officials of the company, as they preferred the first view to stop work, even if this cost them not to show in the next Ramadan season.


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