Central- Liverpool is looking for an alternative to Salah … and finds his way in the Spanish League


The Spanish channel “Deportes Quattro” exploded a big surprise, after it revealed Liverpool’s interest in returning Atletico Madrid striker Luis Suarez, as a substitute for Egyptian international Mohamed Salah.

The channel indicated that despite Suarez’s preference to remain in the Spanish League, his contract does not include any clauses preventing him from leaving Atletico Madrid.

According to “Deportes Quattro”, Liverpool is the only club keen to attract Suarez, as a substitute for Salah if he leaves the “Reds” this summer.

Among the options available to Suarez as well, to play in “Inter Miami”, if he thought of moving to the American League, according to the site “Give Me Sport”

Since his move from Barcelona to Atletico Madrid last year, Suarez has managed to make a positive impact on the team, as he became the club’s top scorer in the Spanish League with 19 goals, which puts him in parallel with Salah, Liverpool’s top scorer in the Premier League.

Although Suárez’s transfer to Atletico Madrid cost the club only 6.3 million pounds, the player’s market value is now, according to “Transfer Market”, about 13.5 million pounds.

At the age of 34, Liverpool may hope to obtain the services of Suarez for a relatively reasonable amount, according to “Deportes Quattro”.

Among the obstacles facing Suarez’s move to Liverpool is the possibility that the “Reds” fans will not welcome him as a substitute for Salah, especially since he will come at a late stage in his career, and at a time when the Egyptian star performs well with the English club.

As for Salah, speculation about his future with Liverpool increased, especially after the Reds’ exit empty-handed from all tournaments this season.

And press reports indicated that Salah, whose contract with Liverpool expires in the summer of 2023, will pressure the “Reds” next summer, to move to Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​noting that the player himself stated earlier, that he does not rule out playing with One of the two giants of Spanish football someday.


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