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The automotive market in the country has recently witnessed the introduction of expanded promotional offers for the purchase of new and used vehicles during the current month of Ramadan.

These offers included, according to car agencies, a reduction of up to 25,000 dirhams in some of them, the provision of interest-free financing, without downpayment, or facilities in it, and the bearing of value-added tax, with the possibility of deferring the first monthly installment for periods of up to four months. The offers also included free insurance services, maintenance and warranty for several years, along with roadside assistance, while other offers included granting cards that provide free fuel with an estimated value for about a year.

Officials in those agencies confirmed to “Emirates Today” that the offers, which also include used cars, aim to stimulate sales during the month of Ramadan, which witnesses strong competition and is considered the best in sales throughout the whole year.

«General Motors»

In detail, the Chief Marketing Officer of General Motors Africa and the Middle East, Kelly MacDonald, said that offers had been made on GMC, Chevrolet and Cadillac cars, to stimulate sales during the month of Ramadan.

She added that the offers for GMC vehicles come in cooperation with its agents in the country, “Al Ghandi Motors” and “Bin Hammouda Motors”, and include a reduction of up to 20 thousand dirhams in the price of the car, and a free service for a period of five years or 100 thousand. Kilometers, in addition to a five-year warranty or 100,000 km distance on some vehicles, pointing out that the offer applies to purchase from showrooms or via the GMC e-commerce platform.

MacDonald stated that the “Chevrolet” offer includes a discount of up to 25,000 dirhams on a wide range of models, including SUVs and pick-up trucks, pointing to 60,000 km maintenance contracts and 100,000 km warranty contracts. Free vehicle insurance and registration during the first year.

«Al Masoud Cars»

For his part, Director of Sales and Marketing at «Al Masoud Motors», Kyle Gillam, said that the company has made offers for «Nissan» and «Renault» cars during the month of Ramadan.

He added that the «Nissan» offer includes delaying the payment of car installments for a period of up to four months, and facilities on the down payment, in addition to obtaining free vehicle insurance, free maintenance for a year, and a five-year unlimited mileage guarantee.

Gillam explained that the Renault car offer includes four models, namely: “Duster”, “Koleos”, “Symbol”, and “Omega” without an advance payment, with the possibility of deferring the payment of monthly installments, and free maintenance service up to 40,000 kilometers. Roadside Assistance, free warranty for up to five years, plus a gift with every purchase.

He pointed out that the offers also include approved used “Renault” and “Infiniti” cars, with facilities in the down payment, a low number of kilometers, and the option of replacing the car.

He pointed out that the offers are aimed at stimulating car sales at a time when the month of Ramadan is witnessing intense competition in the market, stressing that Ramadan is the best in terms of car sales throughout the whole year.

Volkswagen offers

In the same context, Samer Al-Dwaier, Sales Director at Volkswagen Middle East, said that Volkswagen had made offers to stimulate sales during the current month of Ramadan, including discounts of up to 15,000 dirhams, or the equivalent of a 15% reduction on car prices. Tiguan, Passat and Touareg models for 2020, as well as an extended warranty for five years, and extended service for seven years, or up to 105,000 kilometers on Golf JTI cars and Volkswagen Teramont models in 2007. 2021.

Al-Duwaier agreed that sales during the month of Ramadan generally record the best performance during the whole year, as there is a great demand for buying new cars before Eid Al Fitr. He said the impact of Ramadan usually extends to the following month, to supplement unfinished sales.

He stressed that car sales witnessed a remarkable improvement during the first quarter of this year, with the introduction of new models for 2021.

Ford and Lincoln

In addition, Hilal Hani, Senior Vice President – Sales of “Ford” and “Lincoln” at “Al Tayer Motors”, said that Ford’s offers during Ramadan include financing at an interest rate of 1.5% on selected cars, without a down payment, with insurance. Free for a year, and a warranty for a period of five years or even 100,000 kilometers.

He added that Lincoln’s offers during Ramadan allow a cashback of up to 5%, or support from the first installment, with free service and a free warranty for five years or even 100,000 kilometers.

Hani pointed out to offers on used cars from Ford and Lincoln that include Al Tayer Motors bearing the value-added tax for the buyer, purchases without a down payment, and free insurance and registration, provided that the remaining period of service and warranty is extendable up to seven years or 200 thousand kilometers.


In addition, Mamdouh Khairallah, General Manager of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the Arabian Gulf Mechanical Center in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, said that the current Ramadan season has witnessed remarkable competitive manifestations among auto agencies that have expanded in offering offers, some of which share a number of features. Such as granting buyers free registration and insurance, in addition to other service offers that differ according to the marketing policies of each agency.

He stressed that most auto agencies are counting on the Ramadan season to stimulate and increase their sales through offers to attract dealers, especially with the repercussions of the Corona virus pandemic, and its effects on the purchasing behavior of a number of consumers.

Khairallah attributed the variation in offers between car agencies to factors related to the location of each agency in the sector, explaining that the offers of agencies that have exclusive agencies in the country for models of vehicles are not the same as those of some agencies that have agencies in specific regions, with other companies of the same brand in the country. Therefore, it will be more competitive, although it is noticeable aspects of the general expansion of offers during the current year, with increasing competitiveness and the endeavor of each agency to raise its sales quotas and dispose of the models available to it, whether new for the current year or last year’s models.

He explained that most car agencies prefer to offer service and value-added offers, instead of offering direct price cuts, while trying to maintain the price limits for different models, which are reflected in the value of each car upon resale later, while preferring to resort to price reductions options over previous years’ models. With the need to dispose of it, and taking into account that the cash reductions are proportional to the purchasing value of the car when it is resold.

Khairallah emphasized that the service offers and added value, when calculated, include a financial value in and of itself for the customer, and therefore, their diversity and the expansion of car agencies in offering them, is positively reflected in the interest of the dealers in obtaining good deals.

Zero interest financing

In addition, a spokesperson for “Al-Futtaim Toyota” in the UAE revealed that the company has put forward an offer valid during the month of Ramadan, which includes the purchase of a new car with zero financing without interest, the possibility of postponing monthly installments, in addition to a free service for four years or a distance of 80 thousand kilometers, Complimentary to protect the car from rust, window shading.

He explained that the offer includes hybrid models from “Toyota” such as: “Corolla”, “CHR”, “Rav 4”, “Highlander”, in addition to the completely new “Corolla Cross” and “Camry” sporty models.

He pointed out that «Al-Futtaim Toyota» offers offers on after-sales services, including a 20% discount on maintenance service contracts, as well as the offer of «buy now and postpone installments» on used cars at a low interest rate of 1.49%.

Jaguar Land Rover

Senior Vice President – Sales of “Jaguar Land Rover Al Tayer Motors”, Talal Mareb, said that there are wide offers on several models of “Jaguar” that include a cash refund of up to 10 thousand dirhams, and a down payment or 20% of the car’s value, depending on the model. , With the provision of service, maintenance, warranty, and roadside assistance service free for a period of five years.

“Lexus” .. Personal purchase contracts

A spokesman for “Al-Futtaim Lexus” told “Emirates Today” that the company allows the purchase of one of the new models during the month of Ramadan, through bank financing or direct cash payment. It also offers interest-free financing offers in three-year installments from selected banks, in addition to a service contract. Free for three years or for a distance of 60,000 kilometers. He emphasized that it is possible to buy a new Lexus car and pay monthly installments at a minimum of 1650 dirhams through personal purchase contracts that allow the ownership of the car for a period of two years. Then, the customer can choose between completing the payment of the installments and finally owning the car, or returning the car, or replacing it with a new one at Expiration of the contract.

“Mazda”: offers great financial value

The production manager of the Galadari company, the dealer of Mazda cars, Shah Basharat, said that the company offered expanded offers for the Ramadan season, which included maintenance service for five years, or up to 100,000 kilometers, with free insurance, window tinting service, and free warranty. For five years or a cut of 160,000 kilometers.

He stressed that these offers include a great financial value, but they are given in the form of offers, especially since each offer and when calculating its cost to each buyer, it will be considered as discounts in direct forms.

He pointed out that the agencies’ expansion in offering offers during Ramadan contributes to stimulating sales, with the month of Ramadan being an opportunity for companies to compete in increasing their sales and attracting more dealers, in light of the continuing conditions of the Corona pandemic.

Consumers like to combine direct price discounts with offers

Consumers have confirmed that the offers of auto agencies during the current month of Ramadan are remarkably more competitive, compared to previous years.

They explained to “Emirates Today” that those agencies focused on value-added offers, indicating that they prefer to combine direct price cuts with those offers, to alleviate financial burdens, especially with the repercussions of the Coronavirus pandemic and its financial impacts on individuals. They said the offers would be more beneficial if they included some direct price cuts.

Consumer Imad Ibrahim said that most car agencies have offered expanded Ramadan offers on different models and with greater services compared to last year, pointing out that most agencies focused on “value-added” offers, and did not include noticeable offers of direct price reductions on cars.

In turn, consumer Muhammad Naji said that he noticed the participation of a large number of car agencies in offering expanded promotional offers during the Ramadan season, compared to previous years, stressing that this brings benefits to consumers, especially during the first year of purchase, while granting most car agencies registration and insurance. Free for vehicles during the first year.

He believed that the offers would be more beneficial if they included some direct price cuts, which are very limited at present.

Consumer Ayman Karim agreed that the offers of car agencies during the current month of Ramadan are remarkably more competitive compared to previous years, indicating that most dealers prefer to combine direct price cuts with those offers, especially as they will be commensurate with the repercussions of the Coronavirus pandemic, which makes A number of consumers prefer offers of direct discounts to reduce financial burdens.

Car agencies are counting on the Ramadan season to stimulate and increase their sales.

Some dealership offers include certified used car models.

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