Buthaina Al Raisi reveals the pregnancy of her friend Noha Nabil and embarrasses her – in the video


Social media pioneers traded a video clip showing the Omani actressButhaina Al RaisiWho suddenly announced the news that her friend had uploaded the Kuwaiti bloggerNabil forbadeThat seemed to be standing behind her, which caused some embarrassment for her.
Buthaina Al-Raisi said: “They heard Al-Hosari Noha Nabil pregnant, then pregnant, then pregnant .. Take the sure news from me.” As for Noha, who was behind in the video, she started laughing and commented, “Pregnant before, I don’t know ?!”
Followers were divided between those who considered that they agree on this scenario and others who saw that Al-Raisi embarrassed her with her sudden announcement.
On the other hand, news circulated that the Public Prosecution in Kuwait had lifted the ban on Noha’s money, after investigating her in a money laundering case that included many names, among them: Dr. Kholoud, Farah Al-Hadi, Fouz Al-Fahd, Jamal Al-Najada, and others .
The prosecutor’s decision came after Noha proved that all the money in her bank accounts was of a known source and had nothing to do with money laundering.
It is worth noting that Noha Nabil is married to a person called Ibrahim Jamaan, and she has 3 children: Muhammad, Dana and Yaqoub, and she is expected to have her fourth child after a few months, and she is considered one of the influential figures across social media sites, and is followed by about 9 million people.


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