Bring in the wrong equipment … North Korea’s leader ordered the execution of a senior Foreign Ministry official


The Seoul-based Daily.nK website reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un personally ordered the execution of a senior foreign ministry official for an apparently out-of-sense reason.

The executed official was charged with purchasing equipment for a public hospital in the capital, Pyongyang, from China instead of Europe.

The site added that Kim ordered the authorities to build a hospital in a hurry to confront the Corona pandemic, within six months, but the process took much more than that.

And earlier this month, North Korea claimed in a report sent to the World Health Organization that it had not recorded any infection with the Corona epidemic, an allegation that experts question, given its weak health system and its long borders with China.

The matter that angered the North Korean leader is that a foreign ministry official mistakenly challenged his vision of the hospital, as Kim wanted the hospital equipped with European-made equipment, but the official devised an alternative plan based on the purchase of Chinese equipment.

The official resorted to this option after failing to obtain European equipment due to sanctions.

The equipment was to reach the reclusive communist country by late April, and as soon as Kim knew about it, he ordered the official’s execution.
It is known that Kim studied in Switzerland and expressed his admiration for the healthcare infrastructure in Europe.

The killed official was in charge of overseeing exports and imports at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and he was in his fifties.

An official in the Ministry of Health has also been dismissed over the same case.

Executions in North Korea are common for the trivial reasons, and Kim has even executed a number of his relatives and state officials.


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