Breakfast for a family of 5 costs more than twice the minimum wage!


Breakfast for a family of 5 costs more than twice the minimum wage!


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Hadeel Farfour wrote in “Al-Akhbar”:

About one million and 800 thousand Lebanese pounds, the cost of a basic breakfast for a family of five per month is estimated at more than two and a half times the minimum wage (675 thousand pounds), which makes about 42% of families in Lebanon whose income does not exceed one million and 200 thousand pounds On a monthly basis, it suffers in order to secure its strength at the minimum required, “while the situation will be more difficult in the periphery, where the percentage of families whose income is less than one million and 200 thousand pounds is much more,” according to what the director of the Crisis Observatory at the American University of Beirut, Dr. Nasser Yassin, confirmed to “Al-Akhbar” .

According to the figures of the Central Statistics for the year 2019, 53.7% of families in the Baalbek-Hermel governorate have no incomes above this rate, compared to 52% in the Nabatiyeh governorate and 51% in the Akkar and South governorates.
The “weekly index for a basic breakfast” launched by the “observatory” was based on the calculation of the cost of a meal consisting of a date seed, lentil soup, a fattoush salad, a meal of rice with chicken and half a cup of cow’s milk, “according to the amounts and quantities published in the book A B of Cooking. And on the prices of cooperatives in Beirut », noting that the foods and quantities were calculated to provide 1400 calories per person as a necessary rate for a person’s breakfast.

As for the total calculated cost, it was based on the fact that the cost of one person amounts to 12,050 pounds per day, or 60,250 pounds per day for a family of 5 members, which means that “the monthly cost of breakfast for a family of 5 individuals is estimated at about one million and 800 thousand pounds”, noting that this cost Does not include water, juices, sweets, gas, electricity and detergents!

In 2018, and based on the same criteria, the cost of breakfast itself was estimated at 445 thousand, and in 2019 it rose slightly to 467 thousand pounds, to become last year about 600 thousand. The “observatory” concluded that “the talk about food insecurity among the Lebanese has become a reality and is not an exaggerated exaggeration,” especially in light of the complete absence of the relevant agencies, such as the Ministry of Economy, which does not bode well for its current deal with the price of the news bundle and the greed of merchants.

According to the “observatory”, and in the absence of relevant ministries and government policies, “the lack of food security will be seen as an opportunity for the various political forces to strengthen their clientelistic networks through the food aid distribution campaigns that have begun in the different Lebanese regions.”


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