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On Sunday, Clubhouse denied reports that user data of the application had been leaked on a large scale.

The company’s CEO, Paul Davison, confirmed that the report alleging that personal user data had been leaked was “false.”

Site “Cyber ​​News“The personal data of at least 1.3 million app users have been reported to have been leaked in a popular online hacker forum.

The app has become very popular since its launch last year.
Data leakage of 1.3 million Clubhouse users

A report published by “Cyber ​​News” reported that at least 1.3 million Clubhouse users had leaked personal data in a popular online hacker forum.

The report stated that the “leaked data” of users of the application, which became famous for its rapid speed, included their names and accounts on social media, in addition to other details, which did not include credit card numbers.

But Davison, said in remarks Sunday, “published by the site”The VirgThe platform was not subject to a data breach. This is misleading and wrong, we have not been penetrated. ”

“If the data referred to is all public profile information from our app. So the answer to that is no, it didn’t happen at all,” he added.

The news came just two days after it was discovered that the personal data was about 533 million users on Facebook It was leaked online for free, including users’ phone numbers, dates of birth, email addresses and full names.

Facebook has become accustomed to several massive privacy violations
533 million users’ data piracy … accuses Facebook of trying to clear itself

Facebook is facing charges of trying to clear itself of hacking phone numbers and personal data of hundreds of millions of Facebook users over the Internet.

The Clubhouse app, launched by a San Francisco-based company last year, allows people to discuss various topics in chat rooms, as its popularity has risen after its use by Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, and is now increasingly used in the Middle East.

And while the app is still in its first year, it has attracted the biggest names in business and Hollywood. Soon, social media companies turned to work on their own Clubhouse versions.


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