Blue Origin objects to NASA’s decision to choose SpaceX to return to the moon


Washington : The company, “Blue Origin” Monday filed a complaint against the decision of the US Space Agency (NASA) to choose the company “SpaceX” to build the vehicle that will carry out the future transport of American astronauts to the moon.

And “Blue Origin” owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos said in a statement received by Agence France-Presse that the process of choosing “NASA” the lunar module program was flawed, and indicated that it “changed the rules of the game at the last minute.”

She added that “this decision eliminates the imposition of competition (…) and not only delays but also endangers the return of the United States to the moon” scheduled so far in 2024. She indicated that these reasons led her to file a complaint with the Government Accountability Office, an agency of the US Congress.

The “NASA” announced more than a week ago that it had chosen to take over the mission to return to the moon, “SpaceX” owned by billionaire Elon Musk, and its “Starship” missile, which is still under development. The value of the contract with the company is about $ 2.9 billion.

“Blue Origin” believed that “NASA” erred in assessing the risks arising from choosing the “SpaceX” solution of building a “completely new vehicle”, as “its development is difficult,” according to the complaint that AFP saw a copy of. Prototypes of this missile are currently underway in Texas, but the most recent tests have resulted in explosions.

And she stressed that the selection of “NASA” only one winner, not two, contrary to what was confirmed “during the bidding process,” constitutes a “great risk”, because it is deprived of a “backup plan.”

It expressed its fear that this decision would lead to “a potential monopoly on all future exploration missions.” Blue Origin, which has submitted its bid with three major companies in the aviation industry, namely, “Lockheed Martin”, “Northrop Grumman” and “Draper”, regretted that “NASA” made price (cost to the government) the most important element in the selection process.

The company demanded the US Agency to cancel the contract award and to announce new tenders, with an explanation of the available amounts.


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