Bitcoin exceeds $ 60,000


Bitcoin rose; The most popular digital currency, above $ 60,000, approached record levels at the weekend and broke a narrow range it was confined to for two weeks, supported by talk of a new contraction of supply in light of signs of wider use.

The largest and most popular cryptocurrency in the world recorded 61 thousand and 222.22 dollars in the first session of yesterday, Saturday; The highest level in about a month. And it slightly decreased to 59,907 dollars at 05:00 GMT on Sunday.

Bitcoin rose 116 per cent from its lowest level for the year of 27,734 dollars recorded on January 2. The currency surpassed the 60,000 level for the first time on March 13th, reaching a record level at 61,781.83 dollars on the Bitstamp exchange Immediately after US President Joe Biden signed the $ 1.9 trillion fiscal stimulus package.

Bitcoin’s big gains this year come amid wider acceptance of the digital currency as an investment and payment tool, in conjunction with an increasing demand by individual investors to inject liquidity into stocks, index funds, and other high-risk assets.

The currency also rose thanks to the support of cryptocurrencies from large companies such as “New York Mellon Bank”, “BlackRock” asset management, and the giant credit card company “MasterCard”, while companies such as “Tesla”, “Square Inc.” and “Micro Strategy” started »You invest in it.


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