Bin Laden is not alone … Tariq Lotfi reveals the composition of “Sheikh Ramzi”


In his interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Tariq Lotfi explained that he was happy with the reactions and the warm reception of his series.Cairo KabulSince his episodes were shown in the Ramadan Marathon, which made him feel reassured and anxious at the same time about the upcoming episodes.

Strong artistic elements

Lotfi says he expected success For the series Because of the availability of all its elements, after the participation of high-caliber actors such as the artist Nabil Al-Halafawi, Khaled Al-Sawy, Hanan Mutawa, Fathi Abdel Wahab, and the talented director Hussam Ali, who cares about all the details and the entire work team.

Lotfi revealed that the secret of his enthusiasm for embodying this character is screenwriter Abdul Rahim Kamal, being one of his favorite writers, in addition to the important issue that the series presents to the public, which is the issue of terrorism.

Symbolic significance

As for choosing “Sheikh Ramzi” as a name for the character he embodies in the work, Lutfi explained that the writer Abdul Rahim Kamal chose this name as a symbolic sign by which he refers to many symbols of terrorism, as some may see it in the scene of Osama bin Laden, and it may appear in scenes of other characters and so on, it is a mixture From multiple characters created by the writer working in the script.

Lutfi added that the delay in showing the series from last year gave each team the opportunity to pay more attention to the details of the work, and it also gave them the opportunity to review scenes and episodes better.

Several difficulties

Regarding the work difficulties, Lotfi explained that there were many difficulties due to circumstances Corona Virus, In addition to the rugged filming places that can only be accessed by four-wheel drive cars and mountaineering, and all this besides working during low-sub-zero temperatures, whether in Egypt or outside such as Serbia, and wind speeds were very high.

Regarding the similarities between the character “Mesbah” that Lotfi presented years ago in the family series and the character of “Sheikh Ramzi” in the Cairo Kabul series, Lotfi emphasized that there are no similarities between the two characters. Each character has a different presentation and treatment, because the late writer Waheed Hamed in the series The family was discussing reasons that led to the polarization of the personality of “Mesbah” by terrorist groups, such as injustice, poverty and the lack of justice. However, Sheikh Ramzi is trying through him to understand the roots of terrorism since childhood and how the journey was from Central Cairo to Kabul, where extremism and terrorism were.

In another context, Lutfi said that the Ramadan marathon this season is very strong because of the presence of heavy-caliber stars, but he indicated that he is trying as much as possible to follow up the artworks that are shown during the month of Ramadan, and to study the elements of success and failure in these works, in order to benefit from them in his future work .

Two new films

And about his artistic newness in cinema, after the success of his last film 122, Lutfi revealed that he is about to finish his new movie “Party 9”. 85 percent of his scenes were shot and it is in the category of films “Secodrama”, but the production company temporarily stopped filming due to material circumstances. .

He added that he is preparing for another film, the idea of ​​Hossam Shawky and Tariq Lotfi, which is a very special film based on modern technologies, and discusses a very humanitarian topic, and it is now under writing, and it will be announced after the next Eid al-Adha.


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