Biden will not renew the employment visa ban imposed by Trump during the Corona crisis


Biden’s decision would also please business groups, who have pressed the administration to lift the ban since the new president took office.

The Wall Street Journal quoted 3 sources familiar with the White House as saying that US President Joe Biden will not renew the ban on temporary work visas and other work visas approved by his predecessor, Donald Trump, last year.

This ban prevented foreign workers who hold a set of temporary work visas from coming to the country under the pretext of protecting jobs for American workers, due to the stumbling of the economy and high unemployment due to the spread of the Corona virus.

Today the ban expires; This means that US embassies abroad can resume granting such visas.

According to the site, Biden’s decision is good news for technology companies that have repeatedly called on the new US administration to cancel Trump’s decision, because it suffers from finding American workers who can meet their needs.

Major US tech companies particularly rely on H-1B visas to bring in highly skilled employees from abroad.

It previously criticized Trump’s decision to suspend the granting of this type of visa, warning of its negative repercussions on its production and on the US economy.

Biden last month also revoked an executive order for the former president to stop issuing new green cards. Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, causing a reduction in legal immigration to the United States.

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