Between restitution and saving the season … a clear Asian “goal” for Saudi clubs


No voice is louder than the AFC Champions League, starting tomorrow, with the start of the group stage of the largest tournament in the yellow continent, with the participation of valued clubs competing for gold in order to reach the world.

The group stage of the AFC Champions League is held in the circumstances of the Corona pandemic, with a grouping system, where the participating Saudi clubs Al-Hilal, Al-Nasr and Al-Ahly host their group matches, which gives them an advantage in the competition.

Al-Hilal is present with the youth of Al-Ahly Dubai, the Uzbek Ajmak and Istiqlal Dushanbe from Tajikistan in the first group, while Al-Ahly is in the third group next to each of the Iraqi police, Al-Duhail of Qatar and the Iranian independence of Tehran.

While the victory, which reached the furthest points in the last version, for Saudi clubs, and bade farewell to the semi-finals against Iranian Persepolis, in Group D with each of the Jordanian units, Iranian Foulad and Qatari Al Sadd.


The desire to restore consideration dominates most of the Saudi club’s participation during this edition, but Al Hilal may be considered the most desirable after the sudden exclusion from last season’s version due to the Corona virus crisis that struck the team, although it was qualified for the round of 16 without the need for the last match.

The exclusion deprived Al Hilal of the possibility of preserving the AFC Champions League title in two successive versions, as it is currently seeking to enter the group stage to play on the qualification card to compete for the title of the current version to restore consideration for what happened last season, where the confrontations will start in front of Ajmak.

And Hilal, in the case of qualifying in the last version, was one of the strongest teams that would compete for the title in a strong way, due to the great potential he possessed at the time.

Saving season

Another goal that the Saudi trio may have during their Asian appearances this season is to save the season, especially since the duo Al-Nasr and Al-Ahly lost any chance to win any local title in the current season after they moved away from the first places in the Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Professionals Cup League next to the exit From the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup.

As for Hilal, his situation is worrying about the Saudi Professional League with losing some points and youth being equal with him, and only 5 rounds remain, which may lose the title due to the strong chase of Al-Shabab, and Al-Ittihad ambushes for one of them to fall to the top and sit in the first place, in addition to the exit of Al Hilal From the King’s Cup.

Thus, achieving the AFC Champions League title in the current version became saving a season for the three Saudi clubs in the Asian Championship.

Repeated confrontations

The Saudi clubs groups in the AFC Champions League this season are witnessing the recurrence of some of the confrontations from the previous version, at the same stage, which is the group stage.

Al-Hilal faced UAE youth Al-Ahly Dubai in the last version in the group stage, where it won the first leg, but Corona cases hit the team before the return match and the team was excluded.

Al-Nasr also, in the previous version, fell with Al-Sadd, Qatar, and tied with him in the first leg with two goals for each team, and the second leg ended with a one-goal tie for each team as well.

Al-Ahly also faced the Iraqi police in the last version, and won the first leg without a response, and the second leg, the Iraqi team won two goals without a response.


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