Belarus announces arrest of “American-backed cell” planning to assassinate “children of the president”


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Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced today, Saturday, that Belarusian security forces arrested a group backed by Washington that had planned to assassinate his sons.

Lukashenko’s chief said that a group of people who were preparing to attempt to assassinate him and his children had been arrested, and that US Special Forces were involved.

“ONT” TV showed excerpts from the Belarusian president’s speech: “We have detained the group, and they (the group members) showed how the entire operation was planned.”

“Then we clearly discovered the work of the foreign special forces, most likely the CIA and the (US) FBI – I don’t know any Americans working there,” Lukashenko added. We discovered their desire to come to Minsk and start organizing the assassination attempt on the president and the children. ”

According to Lukashenko, the detainees ’plans were to arrest Lukashenko’s first child and the second as it turned out.

“I am amazed by something else,” the Belarusian president stressed. Why are Americans behaving this way? After all, remember, no one can give his approval (about the process) except for the top political leadership. ”

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