Bedroom decorations in pastel colors


Colors have a major role in Bedroom decorationsBeing comfortable, calm and aesthetic when chosen, and in this context, pastel colors look great, as they achieve psychological comfort for the room’s occupants, whether when choosing pastel colors in paint, furniture or fabrics. The way pastel colors are distributed in bedrooms varies, and how they mix with other colors, according to interior designer Reham Farran.

Interior designer Reham Farran
Interior designer Reham Farran

• It falls under the category of pastel colors, all the colors with light shades, and contrary to what some believe that pastel colors are feminine, it is necessary to know how to combine the color with dark colors, a light percentage of which is in the decoration palette, with other elements.

• If the room is narrow, it is necessary to use light pastel colors for it, but if it is spacious, then medium colors can be chosen for it.

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• The bedroom walls are painted with a light color, and the ceiling is the desired pastel color, and the floor is also light.
• The bedroom furnishings can be chosen in any color, noting that it attracts the combination of wood colors with pastels.
• If the background of the family consists of squares distributed in the form of “puzzles”, then these squares may be colored in three colors, with the choice of a specific fabric of pastel colors for it, and a certain color of neutral colors (white, beige, gray and wood). The mattress comes in a different color than the background. As for the beds, they are covered with covers of the same type of fabric sticking out on the walls. Mirrors can be installed at a high level from the wall.

• The wall behind the bed, together with the ceiling, can be painted in a prominent color of pastel colors, while the rest of the walls, floors and furnishings are suitable for white. Carpets, curtains, and bedspreads are just the same color as the wall.
• if the room is spacious; On a wall with a window, a painting can be designed around it in pastel colors. On one side of this wall are shelves, and on the other side the cupboard.
• The wall above the huge bed is painted in the desired color, with a drawing on it, and the background of the bed is made of mirrors, wood or cloth.

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