Bayern x Paris … Here we learn the basics of football and tactics


It is not supposed to be corrected only on the absence of the best player in the Polish world, Robert Lewandowski, from Bayern Munich during its hosting of Paris Saint-Germain tonight in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League football competition. The question is also not supposed to just what Bayern can do to stop the stars of the French team, specifically Kylian Mbappe and Brazilian Neymar.Those who closely follow the two teams’ matches know very well that there is much to offer by the two teams for that hearty meal of tactical and strategic lessons that come from the minds of coaches: German Hanzi Flick and Argentine Maurizio Pochettino. Followers of the two teams also know that this technical battle will undoubtedly rage with the final whistle blowing because each of the two heroes has strengths and weaknesses that his opponents can exploit in an attempt to win.

The PSG baffles Bayern
Sure, Flick has studied the PSG well, but he might not even be able to tell what ideas will emerge from Pochettino’s head tonight. The Argentine, since his succession to the German Thomas Tuchel, has not relied on a single strategy. Sometimes his team appeared relying on a plan of (4-4-2), sometimes on (4-2-3-1), and other times on (4-3-3). .
But what is certain is that all the plans of the former Tottenham Hotspur coach are based on intensifying the number of attacks, regardless of the opponent, which he did in the face of Barcelona, ​​who went out in front of him in the previous round, relying on a creative midfield that will lose a large part of his strength in the absence of Italian Marco Verratti, who is infected with the virus. Corona »and Argentine arrested Leandro Paredes.
A weakness that stands out here at Saint-Germain is the absence of the two players who formed the most understanding duo in the squad and are able to play all those long balls that strike the defensive lines from the back and reach the fast players I, Mbappe, Neymar, and Argentine Angel Di Maria.
This weak point may not benefit Bayern in the offensive situation, but will relieve the pressure on his defense, but he will definitely benefit from it in his pressure on his opponent, who loses the ball quickly in this case in the absence of distinguished players in thinking and swift passing. This issue of pressure is what FC Bayern excel in, thanks to which they won the last continental title. As for the other point that he can turn into a point in his interest, it is the dependence of the two wings of St. Germain often on the direction towards the region to make way for the two backs to advance, but the last two often leave an unimportant space behind them, which may make it easier for Flick’s men to hit their opponent in the counterattacks across both sides. The stadium where he has two great players in this regard, Leroy Sané and Frenchman Kingsley Coman or the PSG conqueror in the 2020 final. These two represent solutions to get rid of any pressure process due to their skill and their passion for direct play (one on one) in front of those who supervise them.

It is true that the two teams have performed strongly this season, but they have clear weaknesses

Another point appears in terms of the Parisians’ weaknesses, which is the lack of harmony of the midfielders when any change in the squad is made for urgent reasons, and this is an issue that allows the opponent to pass between the two lines, which opens up the game, just as Barcelona did in the second leg, so he made the risk as a result. At this point, it is possible to stop when the two central defenders rush to stop the ball recipient if he is from the attackers returning to the midfield to remove the ball carrier from under pressure, which makes Marquinhos or his partner in defense outside their centers and leaves the area open in front of danger.
So, on paper, Bayern seem to win against the midfield before the start of the match if we take into account the presence of a perfectly harmonious trio represented by stars Thomas Muller, Joshua Kimmich, and Leon Goritska.

Weaker than the absence of “Leva”
In turn, Bayern have weaknesses that seem greater than Lewandowski’s absence at this point. The first problem that the Bavarian team suffers from is a renewed one, and its defensive movement is related to the slow recoil. A problem that may not be so damaging in the face of other opponents, but not Paris Saint-Germain, as with Mbappe, Neymar and De Maria, Bayern will be disappointed every time one of them is allowed to unleash his speed in a large empty space.
Therefore, Bayern’s caution will be focused on not losing the ball on the outskirts of his opponent’s area in order not to pay the price for his offensive dash. Bayern is also supposed to defend as a group to help the two central defenders, but here another weakness arises, which is that the role of the offensive fullbacks will be reduced, which means that the level of risk will decrease and the French will thus be able to possess the ball more. In addition to this, the pressure on the Saint-Germain ball carrier in numerical terms is added to the greater part of the stadium.
There lies the complications for Bayern because none of its players has the speed to stop Mbappe if he plays in a pivotal position in front of a heavy center back such as Jerome Boateng or Niklas Scholle, taking advantage of course from two creative wings in the presence of Neymar and Di Maria, for example, who will distract the backs to deprive them of support Defensive Dual Axis.
In this context, Bayern may be affected negatively if Kimmich is assigned, for example, to help pressure Neymar to narrow the space on him, which is expected, which will greatly relax the midfielders and make their movement more dangerous for goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.
Indeed, there are many lessons that await us in this situation. In it, fans of the game will undoubtedly learn the fundamentals of the ball and many of the tactical and strategic aspects that at the end of which one of the coaches will say to the other “checkmate”.

A real test to imagine
Chelsea are a heavy guest at Porto in the second match in the Champions League quarter-finals. After a more than good start as a coach for Chelsea and a series of 14 games without losing in various competitions, the German team, Thomas Tuchel, suffered a heavy blow with his thunderous fall at home in front of West Bromwich Albion (2-5) in the local league last weekend, which was the most severe for him in Stadium «Stamford Bridge» 10 years ago. There is no doubt that Tochel is waiting for a reaction in the upcoming confrontation, which is being played in Seville, due to the travel restrictions in force between England and Portugal.
Despite the surprise achieved by the Portuguese team, the two-time continental champion (1987 and 2004), in the semi-finals when Juventus and Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo were ousted out of the ring, the possibility of Chelsea failing to overcome him and reach the semi-finals for the first time since 2014 will be a great disappointment. For the London team.

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