Bassil “chases” the shepherd on the eve of the Pope-Hariri meeting … and “the madness of my help”: “on me and on my enemies”!


Shepherd during his meeting with Basil

Governmental rams are continuing between the duo, President Michel Aoun, MP Gebran Bassil, and President-designate Saad Hariri. While Bkerke witnessed a meeting yesterday between Patriarch Bechara Al-Rai and Bassil, while he was waiting for Hariri to meet Pope Francis in the Vatican,

The “judicial hysteria” practiced by Mount Lebanon Prosecutor, Judge Ghada Aoun, has become closer to a final battle fought by President Michel Aoun, similar to political sources following the “Janoubia” in the last hours, which preceded Aoun’s declaration of “war” against former Syrian President Hafez al-Assad in the year 1989.

After neutralizing “Hezbollah”, according to the same sources, about the battle of Aoun and President-designate Saad Hariri in the government and in the judiciary, criminal scrutiny and the governance of the Bank of Lebanon, the President of the Republic, his son-in-law, and the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil, found their way to Ghada Aoun, for which all the old guard were recruited. The movement, in addition to the presence of security forces in an official apparatus, are among those accompanying Aoun and among the demonstrators who support her.

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With the insistence on storming and raiding in the manner of the security services and the strike force, Ghada Aoun and her supporters broke the closure of the Maktaf company and seized all electronic equipment and documents that the hands of their companions reached.

All the important information in a company as a company is mechanized and on external servers, and not on papers or computers that are vulnerable to damage!

Technical sources reveal to “Janoubia”, that all the important information in a company as a company that is engaged and daily ships 6 million dollars per day is automated and on external servers and is not found on papers or computers that are vulnerable to damage and breakdowns at any moment.

The sources conclude that this symptom and what was said about the confiscation of “data” is populist and media, no more, no less. The sources believe that what Aoun obtained is only daily and cash transactions for the company, not as it has announced documents and huge financial smuggling abroad.

The sources indicate that the transfers that Aoun talks about are echoed by the supporters and partisans of the “movement”, who list the names of the Al-Jamil family, Dr. Samir Geagea, and even the former MP Walid Jumblatt and President Nabih Berri, all of whom cover the works of Maktaf, and they all know about the transfers, their value, their destination, and who carried them out.

Between Bkerke and the Vatican

On the government front, attention shifted yesterday evening to Bkerke, where Bassil “covered” the table of Patriarch Bechara Al-Rahi, in an innocent coincidence with the visit of Prime Minister designate Saad Hariri to the Vatican and his meeting this morning with Pope Francis.

Sources following the meeting with “Janoubia” say that it comes in the context of Al-sponsor moving government mediation to bring Aoun and Hariri together, create the atmosphere, stop media debates, present new government proposals about the Christian share and dissolve the new “Interior” and “Justice” contracts.

Bassil-Al-Rai’s meeting comes in the context of Al-Ra’i mobilizing government mediation to bring Aoun and Hariri together, create the atmosphere and stop media debates

From the pulpit of Bkerke, the sources see that Bassil spoke with a high ceiling, and does not imply any affinity with Hariri. The government’s ceiling was also raised when Hariri’s channel waved about concessions and sacrifices, and that his team implicitly gave everything it had, and the ball was in Hariri’s court!


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