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Barcelona club president Juan Laporta reassured fans of Argentine star Lionel Messi, revealing about the development of talks related to the renewal of the “flea” contract with the “Blaugrana”.

The matter of renewing Lionel Messi’s contract, which expires at the end of next June, was a very important issue for Laporta, who revealed the development of the ongoing talks with the Argentine star.

Laporta said in an interview with the Spanish program “Jugones”, that Barcelona and Messi have not yet reached a final agreement on the player’s future.

And according to the Spanish newspaper “Marca”, Laporta indicated that he was satisfied with the ongoing talks with Messi, pointing out that there was progress in the negotiations.

The Spanish newspaper revealed recently that the Brazilian Neymar suspended negotiations to renew his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, France, referring to a “strong possibility” for his return to Barcelona next summer.

According to the newspaper, Neymar decided not to renew his contract with the French champion, after new indications suggest that Messi will remain in Barcelona, ​​with the return of the club’s president, Laporta.

After press reports indicated that Messi would move to Paris Saint-Germain, speculation renewed about Neymar’s return to Barcelona to join the Argentine star again, after 4 years of leaving “Camp Nou” for 222 million euros, in the biggest deal in football history.

“Marca” quoted the Catalan newspaper, “Ara”, that Neymar, 29, is sure that Messi (33 years) will not leave Barcelona by the end of the season, and that the Brazilian star informed the Spanish League runner of his desire to return.

This scenario is consistent with what former Barcelona scout Andre Curry said: “Neymar will play Messi again. Not in Paris Saint-Germain but in Barcelona.”

Source: Sky News


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