Away from Corona … these symptoms, if you feel one of them, go to the doctor


9:00 pm

Tuesday 13 April 2021

I wrote: Nour Gamal

We are used to ignoring minor health issues, very few of us actually visit a doctor, and according to statistics, women are more concerned with their health than men.

It is necessary to know that the disease must be in its first stage in order to facilitate its treatment, and in the report we review a set of symptoms for you away from the symptoms of the Corona virus, if you feel them, go immediately to the doctor, according to what the site “brightside” and “helthline”

1- Tired after a mild cold and difficulty breathing:

The main symptoms of pneumonia are known to be a prolonged cough and fever. If you have recently had a cold and are still having difficulty breathing, or feel very tired after a day at work, this could be a sign of hidden pneumonia, there could be other symptoms as well. Such as wheezing during exhalation, inhalation, irritation and paleness of the skin.

2- Swelling under your skin or somewhere on the body:

Instructions for self-examining the first to look for signs of tumor risk usually refer to examining and checking for lumps in specific areas such as the breasts and armpits.

However, they can turn out to be benign tumors or (various types of fungi or cysts) that are relatively harmless, but they may also be symptoms of more serious diseases, so you should see a doctor, especially dermatological diseases.

3- Excessive hair loss:

The endocrine system affects all the processes that occur in the body, for this reason it is important to monitor your health of the thyroid gland, and among the signs that indicate an imbalance in your hormones is sudden hair loss or a change in its structure.

Hair cells are the fastest in our bodies to be affected, which is why hormonal changes affect them first and lead to slow hair growth, thinning, and weakening, so if you suffer from irritation, fatigue, weight changes, menstrual irregularities in addition to hair loss it is a sign that You should see an endocrinologist rather than a dermatologist.

4- Shortness of breath:

People with chronic respiratory illnesses usually know the causes of their shortness of breath.

But what do you do when shortness of breath starts suddenly and for no reason? Doctors know two common reasons:

First, GERD and heart problems. Acid reflux occurs when stomach contents enter the esophagus, and a feeling of heartburn and discomfort occurs. In addition, shortness of breath can be a sign of heart failure as well, so if you have had multiple episodes of shortness of breath, it is best Go to the doctor.

5- Having a heart attack:

If you had angina before, and you get cold all the time, and you feel pain in your joints in the morning, you should visit a rheumatologist and he may help discover a problem early and stop it in time.

6- Significant change in skin color:

You should visit a doctor if you suffer from unusual skin colors, one of the first symptoms of liver problems is the appearance of a yellow spot on the skin and brown pigmentation in the armpits, yellowing can indicate damage to the liver tissues or channels, while the changing color of the armpits indicates an increase in iron.


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