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Athlete / green weightlifter arrives in Tashkent to participate in the Asian Championships and the Saudi Press Agency


Athlete / green weightlifter arrives in Tashkent to participate in the Asian Championships

Saturday 9/5/1442 AH corresponding to 04/17/2021 AD, SPA

Riyadh 05 Ramadan 1442 AH corresponding to April 17, 2021 AD, SPA
The Saudi Weightlifting Team has arrived in the Uzbek capital, Tashkent, to participate in the Asian Senior and Qualifying Championships for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021, which will start its competitions today, Saturday, the 17th to the 26th of April.
The mission includes 15 individuals and is headed by Muhammad Al-Harbi, President of the Saudi Weightlifting Federation, and Al-Akhdar is technically supervised by the technical director of the Saudi national teams, the Algerian coach Abdel-Majid Boulehia, Ahmed Asiri, director of the teams, Jaafar Al-Baqer, the administrator of Al-Akhdar, Ahmed Al-Ahmari, a specialist in physiotherapy, and the two international referees Khaled Al-Harbi and Adeeb Al-Aqil. The selection of 6 quarter-finalists will represent Al-Akhdar in this championship, and they are: Mansour Al Salim, Saraj Al Salim, Hassan Al Radhi, Ali Khazal, Ali Al Othman and Nawaf Al Mazidi.
The two leaders, the brothers Al Salim, will open tomorrow, Sunday, the Asian participation by competing in the 61 kg weight competitions, Mansour is in Group B, while Siraj is participating in Group A, and Al-Akhdar is seeking to enter the competition to snatch one of the championship medals and obtain high points that will help them enter the qualification points for the Olympics The lifters Siraj, Mansour Al Salim, Khazal and Al-Mazidi crossed the road, while Al-Othman and Al-Radhi were looking forward to gaining more experience and friction, given their young age and competing in the adult championship, which witnesses the participation of champions at the Olympic and continental levels.
The Saudi national team coach, Abdul Majeed Bou Lahia, expressed the green weightlifting readiness to compete in the Asian Senior Championship, and its qualification for the Olympiad gives it greater weight through the participation of world and continental stars, and that what distinguishes the Saudi national team in the current period is the presence of the elite of the players in the Kingdom, who are young and respond quickly With the technical and physical plans, and that the future is ahead of them to continue the Saudi achievements that have been made through the weightlifting game in various global and continental age championships, a tournament that is considered a strong and ideal preparation for the U-20 World Championship, which will be held next month in Uzbekistan.
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