Astronomer commemorates the flight of the International Space Station in front of the sun in perfect timing


An amateur photographer captured the remarkable scene of the International Space Station (ISS) flying in front of the sun. Muhammad Ergun spotted the scene on April 2 from his base in Germany and was planning to take the photo for three weeks.

He succeeded in taking several photos of the International Space Station during its transfer and posting them on his “Instagram” account, where he has more than 14,000 followers.

Irgun used a powerful telescope attached to a camera to capture 34 individual frames while transiting the International Space Station, which orbited Earth for less than one second.

The space lover captured the photo with a Lunt LS80 DSII solarscope, Rainbow RST-135 star finder, QHY5III174M camera, Hutech Hinode solar guide, and Meade Series 5000 Barlow Lens.

These devices enabled him to photograph the International Space Station the same moment he passed, 500 km above his head, in Alzee, Germany.

He said, ‘I had planned the filming about three weeks ago and with a little luck I was able to capture it. This is my fourth picture while crossing the International Space Station, and every time I am simultaneously fascinated and excited. ”

He added, “NASA also shared my photo via Instagram Stories on its official account on the app. A lot of things have to be appropriate to get such images: weather, vision, equipment, location, time and some knowledge.”

“Preparations can start weeks in advance, but the filming takes less than one second,” he explained.

And in April of last year, Irgun took high-resolution images to track the space station’s flight in front of the sun.

The images are arranged so that the craft can be seen racing from one edge of the sun to the other in a short animation.

The International Space Station is the largest object ever placed in space at 357 feet.

In the shape of a satellite, the space station looks like a scale model, seen racing from one side of the glowing orange sun to the other.

“Astrophotography is a hobby that is inspired by all the beautiful things the universe has to offer,” Irgun said last year.

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