Asala: Angham does not answer my calls, although I apologize


The artist Asala made a public appeal to her colleague, the actress Angham, to respond to her phone conversations, confirming that she “tried to contact her more than once and did not find a response,” and Asala threatened her colleague to visit her home suddenly, to complete the reconciliation that occurred between them. Asala added in the program “Sawalif Ramadan 2”, “I will tell the secret of the rhythms of Qaida.

And she continued, “I was enjoying with her on the coast and sitting for long hours. I felt that I was sitting with my mirror because we have a common struggle and we started with the same programs and stages together, because it has a place with me and because I misbehaved and apologized and we are proud of it. And the artist, Angham, had previously responded to the initiative of her colleague, the artist, Asala, to whom she and her two sons Omar and Abdel Rahman approached her with a public apology, to end a dispute between them that exceeded two years.

Asala posted a picture of Angham and her two sons on “Instagram”, and commented, “Without introductions, I apologize to the dearly friendly always, Angham about my sources, and I miscalculated. I also apologize very much from the children of Omar and Abdel-Rahman for what has happened. If he did, he wouldn’t have answered him, I would like and appreciate it. And we were supposed to be under all circumstances, no support for some. I was very relieved, I dared and did something I wanted to do for a while.

Almost an hour after Asala’s post, Angham also responded to her on “Instagram”, where she wrote, “We are all wrong, Asala, and it is thought for you that you have the courage to apologize, and despite all that happened, I cannot accept your apology and may God forgive what was previously.” It is expected that Angham guest will be on the program “Sawalif Ramadan 2”, broadcast on “Rotana” channel on Tuesday, will you receive a call from Asala?


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