Arrest of Arabs in Saudi Arabia boasting of displaying sums of money and possession of narcotic substances – Miscellaneous


On Thursday, the Saudi authorities announced the arrest of two men, who had appeared in a video clip in which they reviewed their possession of sums of money and narcotic substances.

The media spokesman for the Riyadh police, Major Khaled Al-Kreidis, stated that it is a reference to the circulating video clips, through which a person appears, traveling in a vehicle accompanied by another, to review sums of money and possession of narcotic substances, documenting this and publishing it on social media. The competent authority for the district police to determine their identity and arrest them, according to the “Al-Riyadh” website.

The spokesman added that the two defendants are a citizen and resident of the Syrian nationality in the third decade of life, and they were arrested and all preliminary legal measures were taken against them, and referred to the Public Prosecution.



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