“Aren’t these actions considered theft?” … A Saudi prince responds to a report about the presence of pieces of black stone in an Istanbul mosque


Holy Kaaba

The Saudi prince, Sattam bin Khalid Al Saud, commented on a report published by the Turkish “Anatolia” agency, in which it indicated “the presence of 4 pieces of the black stone in the Holy Kaaba, in a mosque in Istanbul.”

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A painting in the office of Mohammed bin Salman

Sattam bin Khalid Al Saud said in “Twitter”: “Was it not a priority to return the parts of the Black Stone to their natural place? Are they not the property of all Muslims? Are these actions not considered theft?”

He added, “Imagine with me that one of the rulers of the Saudi state carried out these actions, and I saw the Brotherhood and those with them shouting and wailing everywhere and crying over these parts, but now they have no voice.”

And Anatolia had stated in a report that, “For five centuries, the Siklali Mehmed Pasha Mosque, in Istanbul, has hosted 4 pieces of The Black Stone in the Holy Kaaba, which is considered an object of reverence in the Islamic religion and is believed to have descended from Heaven in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

And Anatolia indicated that “parts of the Black Stone in the Holy Kaaba were broken with the passage of time,” noting that “the Ottoman Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent, was keen to bring the broken parts to Istanbul, and that Architect Sinan placed 4 pieces of the Black Stone parts in the Sicilian Mosque. Mohammed Pasha”.

Source: RT + “Anatolia”.


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