“Apple” unveils the new “iMac” and an updated version of the “iPad” and a tracking device


          Hold a virtual conference and announce new products and programs            </p><div itemprop="articleBody">
          <p>Today (Tuesday), the American company, Apple, unveiled a number of its modern devices at a virtual conference, announcing the launch of its first product for this year, which is the new iMac desktop and the updated iPad Pro. Equipped with the fifth generation technology, and the chip «M One», which is also used in the company's desktop computers.

Apple also announced an Airtag tracking tool for missing devices, and an updated Apple TV 4K with a completely new remote control device.

IPad Pro

“Apple” said today (Tuesday) that it will launch new, advanced “iPad Pro” devices that use the company’s “M One” chip, which is also used in its Mac computers, where the “iPad” devices used chips. A Series, which powers the company’s iPhones. The company confirmed that the updated iPad is the most powerful tablet on the market. It also includes an improved USB-C connector that allows the iPad to connect to high-resolution screens and download images from the camera at a faster speed.

The American company stated that the “iPad Pro” will also contain a 12-megapixel front camera, with an extremely wide lens that can move automatically to keep the human elements in the shot. She said that some models will include support for fifth generation technology, as the 11-inch model starts at $ 799, and the 12.9-inch model starts at $ 1099.


The company clarified that the iMac devices, the desktop computer, are powered by an Apple M1 silicon chip, not Intel processors, while the American company sought to introduce new devices with a new design that is thinner than aluminum, and comes in several colors: Red, blue, purple, orange, yellow, silver and green, while the new slim design is very similar to the large iPad.

And “Apple” says that the size of the computer has decreased by 50 percent, resulting in a smaller computer that can be placed on a desk more easily. It comes with a built-in 24-inch screen, and an enhanced camera that can record 1080p video in low light. The company notes that the screen works with a resolution of 4.5 k.

The computer comes equipped with a new magnetic power connector similar to the previous Apple MagSafe laptop chargers, a slightly updated keyboard with a fingerprint sensor, while the keyboard comes in the same colors as the new iMac.

Apple TV

“Apple” also introduced a new, redesigned remote control for the “Apple TV” device, made of aluminum, and contains buttons for navigating the menus that are supposed to solve some of the problems caused by the previous remote control, indicating that its device The new one has been updated with a new processor, and it will be able to handle HDR video with a high frame rate. It will also include a new feature that will use the iPhone camera to adjust the TV picture quality.

Air Tag

“Apple” also announced the “Airtag” device, which is one of the accessories for the “iPhone” device, at a price of 29 dollars for one or 99 dollars for a four, as it uses Apple’s technology called “Find Me”, which uses a network of devices ” IPhone »to find lost things, as it uses a technology the company calls” precise detection, “which it says is sensitive to privacy.

A new color for “iPhone 12”

Apple also announced a new color for the iPhone, which is purple, which joins the previous colors of its latest mobile phone.

Tim Cook, CEO of “Apple”, said that the company is seriously planning to convert all energy sources that it uses, whether at its headquarters or in manufacturing headquarters, into renewable energy, as it seeks to completely eliminate carbon emissions within years, which confirms its commitment Towards the environment.

Cook also talked about a credit card dedicated to the family, which is an extension of the “Apple” credit card, by supporting the use of any family member over the age of 18 years of the card, while referring to the entire update of the “Apple” podcast application that has witnessed a growth during the last period around the world.


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