Apple offers government approved apps to install iPhone in Russia


An illustration of an article titled Apple Caves to Russia that begins showing apps approved by the Russian government during iPhone installation

picture: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

After it was reported that he called for the requirements of the new Russian law A. Security threat And he threatens to leave the country, Apple declined to make the decision to give Russia its way and said it would allow users to install government approved Russian apps while setting up the iPhone. In the last days, W.دار I got a first glimpse of what looked like me.

Noticed before Mac rumorsRussian users have started seeing a list of suggestions for Russian apps when setting up a new iPhone. The change was observed in that week a Russian law 2019 Came into effect. Law Requires smart devices, such as smartphones, computers, and tablets, And smart TVs, purchased in Russia for pre-installation of government approved Russian applications. Twitter user KhaosT took Screen recording From the new iPhone An installation that seems very standard Until you reach the App Store pop-up window.

“According to Russian legal requirements, continue to display the applications available for download,” the pop-up window said.

After a few seconds, another screen appeared entitled “From the Russian App Store to the App Store”, sound With apps like Yandex Browser, Yandex.Maps, Yandex.Desk,, ICQ messenger and VK Social Network, among others. Users can click “Get” button to install it. As indicated Mac rumorsThanks for reporting Deal Between the Russian government and Apple, Installing apps is optional and are not preinstalled on the device.

Apple said Reuters Although this week it was aiming to comply with the new law, all apps are being tested to ensure they meet the company’s standards for privacy, security, and content.

The The law was originally passed in 2019, although its implementation was delayed until April of this year. According ReutersApple “slowed down” before last month it finally agreed to offer a way for users to install government approved apps during iPhone settings.

Reported by MacRumors Apple will begin bidding for Russian apps on April 1. Additionally, Apple told the outlet that it may add a new segment to the App Store aimed at promoting Russian apps. However, this does not mean that iPhone users in Russia can Only Install Russian applications; They can still install apps made by developers in other countries.

Gizmodo reached out to Apple for comment, but did not receive a response prior to the release date. We will make sure to update the blog if we hear back.

Russian lawmakers have argued that the law allows the country’s tech companies to be more competitive and grants Russians as well “preference” Local alternatives. It might not seem very disconcerting at first, but when you think of Russia Years effort To get your grip on the internet, this is clearly evident still Another initiative to give the government control About the activities of its citizens on the Internet.

This isn’t the first time Apple has decided to ditch it Demands from the Russian government may not be the last. In recent years, it was Bidding stopped Pride watch on the dark clock in Russia It also included the Crimean peninsula Part of Russia In the Apple Maps app in the country. This is not a policy that applies only to Russia. Apple also has it Remove all major VPN applications App stores in China are in compliance with Chinese law.


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