Apple introduces AirTag and provides a new service for one billion devices


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Apple launches AirTag and provides a new service for one billion devices, today, Wednesday, April 21, 2021 05:36 am

On Tuesday, Apple launched the Airtag tracking device, and announced the introduction of the Find My service, which covers about one billion devices around the world, and Find My is an encrypted network available on about one billion Apple devices, as it will work with AirTag devices.

Apple’s Find My service

This came during an event called Spring Loaded, organized by Apple to announce several products that were in line with the predictions and speculations that have spread recently.

AirTag tracking device

The company finally revealed this product that many have been waiting for for a long time, which is a lost object tracker, where you can, for example, put it in the keychain, and if the keys are lost or fall into the sofa, you can track them through AirTags via the Find My application that will guide you to her.

This device is characterized by tracking things only, and humans cannot be tracked to protect privacy and not to intrude others. AirTags that resemble a small disk can be attached to anything such as a bag, phone or even pets to find them easily when you are not around you. AirTag costs about $ 29, and Apple provides Option to purchase 4 of them for $ 99, and will be available from April 30th.

– The Private Object Tracker has been integrated into the Find My Network.

AirTags can be attached to any item for you to track using the Find My app.

– The pairing process for AirTags is very similar to the one for pairing with AirPods: Simply bring an unpaired AirTag next to your iOS device to add it to your iCloud account. Multiple tags can be associated with a sequence.

– The product includes privacy protection features.

AirTags accessories will be available for purchase from April 30, and each piece costs $ 29. There is also the option to purchase 4 items at once for $ 99 – additional accessories are available with AirTags including polyurethane and leather mounts that can attach to bags and luggage.

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