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San Francisco: Apple announced Tuesday a group of new products, from computers, tablets and accessories, that would provide another dimension to consumers from their homes, but did not elaborate on giving details about the next update to its mobile operating system that could flip mobile ads. Upside down.

The most prominent in the first marketing activity of “Apple” in 2021 was the new tablet “iPad Pro” equipped with the fifth generation technology and the “M1” chip that the company invented and supplied its devices with since the end of 2020.

The new 11-inch model will be launched in the market from next May at a price of $ 800 in the United States (with minimal storage capacity and without access to cellular waves), while the price for the 12.9-inch model starts at $ 1100. .

Analyst Dan Ives from WeiBush noted that “Apple is witnessing“ a major renaissance of the iPad in remote work conditions, with a 40 percent growth year-on-year in the recent ruptures thanks to the demand of employees and students to buy The latest model ”.

He pointed out that less than half of the users of “Apple” tablets around the world have switched their devices, which will provide some momentum for the new model in the coming months.

The group is also betting on the “M1” chip, which is expected to be more efficient, as it replaced the “Intel” chips on laptops that were released in November and are among the essential elements of the new iPads and the brand’s new desktop computer. The iMac that will sell Humans starts at $ 1,300.

Among the most prominent features offered by M1 chips is to reduce the audio level of the device by 50 percent, the company confirmed.

As for accessories (accessories), Apple designs two Bluetooth and Airtages devices in shapes that allow them to be hung with basic items (such as keys, handbags, etc.) so that the user can easily find them using his iPhone smartphone.

These accessories can only be used with mobile devices running the “iOS 14.4” system, provided that the updated accessories will be put on the market “next week,” according to a statement.

Apple’s operating system will then adopt a tracking technology called “App Tracking Transparency” that would provide users with more control over their personal data.



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